Why Us?

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”
- Michael John Bobak

Patient Family Capital:

We invest for the long run and look at tail ended opportunities that reward investors who are willing to wait for the long run. We realise that businesses need to endure market cycles to demonstrate resilient growth and we provide just that. We do not have redemption pressures from external investors and that allows us to take a longterm view and allows our investee companies to execute on their longterm strategies.

Sector, Size and Stage Agnostic:

We invests in small early-stage startups and pre IPO deals to large public and private equity transactions including real estate.This allows us to run multiple strategies and back our businesses at many points along their journey, driving deep partnership and shared success. We look to running a diversified portfolio so that when some of our businesses zig, the others zag.

Our Style:

We take long term sectoral and demographic bets in growing economies and sustainability of cash flows and customer stickiness in making our investment decisions. We also like to take contrarian bets and go against the flow that may make us seem unpopular with our stakeholders in the short run. Some ideas do not always play out and we are fine with that. We would like to be right more often than wrong and the fear of being wrong sometimes doesn’t hold us back in our speedy decision making process.

Our Ecosystem:

Our businesses and partners can leverage our insight and depth of working in India over decades and with our broad experience of partnering with Global Multinational companies who are domain experts in what they do. We don’t profess to know everything and we are curious to learn from our partners and our mistakes and support them in their journey in scaling up their businesses. We offer our expertise across finance, legal and relentless focus on corporate governance and compliance, and our vast networks when seeking to their vendor or customer base.

What We Do:

IGE India the operating and investment vehicle for the Dabriwala family led by Mr Surbhit Dabriwala in public and private companies including real estate. We manage over INR 1600 Cr across asset classes.

We invest in bold ideas in early, mid and late stage businesses and work with them across stages to build successful business.
We partner with best in class multinational corporations to set up and seed enduring businesses in India across sectors.
We invest in listed companies catering to large markets, with high standards of corporate governance and the ability to stay resilient across economic cycles

Get In Touch:

If you have an interesting idea or an investment opportunity for us to partner with us.
If you are an entrepreneur interested in sharing your idea with our team for potential investment or if you have a public market idea or a real estate deal.
If you’re a global firm interested in partnering on India entry,
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IGE India Main Office:
17th Floor Nirmal, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021, India.
Email: contact@igeindia.com